We build/customize outlaw front wheel drive race cars!

Ground Up

We build each car from the ground up, with the best parts!

Race Ready

All cars come race ready. Just put yourself in the seat and race!

Car Setup

We help with the setting up of your car, whether it's from us or elsewhere.

Fully Built

When you use Lethal Fabrication, you get a complete built car from the ground up! From complete roll cage, to engine and transmission, to seat, to a custom body.

Updated for Racing

Lethal Fabrication will follow your track rules to make sure you're up to date with your race car. No cutting corners and no bending of the rules.

Setup & Customize

Lethal Fabrication doesn't only build race cars but we will also cater to the drivers who want some deeper customization options, race car set up and make sure they're the best out on the track!

Lethal Fabrication doesn't just build outlaw front wheel drive race cars, we also build beginner class race cars for those looking to get into the sport for cheap.

Ready to race? Contact us now!